DataCite's Value

What We Do

DataCite is a leading global non-profit organisation that provides persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and other research outputs. Organizations within the research community join DataCite as members to be able to assign DOIs to all their research outputs. This way, their outputs become discoverable and associated metadata is made available to the community. DataCite then develops additional services to improve the DOI management experience, making it easier for our members to connect and share their DOIs with the broader research ecosystem and to assess the use of their DOIs within that ecosystem. DataCite is an active participant in the research community and promotes data sharing and citation through community-building efforts and outreach activities.

Our Value for Members

We want DataCite Members to be successful in achieving their repository management goals. We strive to provide value to our member institutions in the following ways:

Registering DataCite DOIs makes your research outputs discoverable.

  • A DOI makes your research outputs uniquely identifiable.
  • Metadata that you register with DataCite is in a central location, harvestable by anyone.
  • Metadata for our Members’ research outputs appear in other search engines.

DataCite services make it easy to follow best practices.

  • We make research data management easy: you register your first DOI in less than 1 minute.
  • DataCite DOIs and metadata help you make your research FAIR.
  • We connect you to the DataCite Member community, which is full of passionate people who share experience and continue to support best practice.
  • Our metadata schema is extensive and has been adopted by other PID service providers globally.

DataCite services help you track and report on your research.

  • A DOI enables easy tracking of your research outputs through simple user interfaces.
  • DataCite services make institutional reporting simple.
  • DataCite services support data citation and usage analytics