Service Provider Program

Definition of Service Providers

A DataCite Registered Service Provider is an organization that has integrated with one of the DataCite APIs in order to allow existing DataCite Members to register DOIs using that Member's own log-in credentials. A CRIS or a repository platform are both examples of a Service Provider. All registered DataCite service providers are listed on this page.

Goals of the program

  • Provide DataCite Members with an overview of Service Providers they can use for DOI registration.
  • Provide information about service providers for potential new Members so that they can see how they can easily implement DOI registration.
  • Provide guidance and best practices to Services Providers.
  • Enable easier communication with Service Providers.
  • Provide better support to both Service Providers and Members.

Requirements for Registered Service Providers

DataCite Registered Service Providers will…

  • have an existing integration with the REST API or the MDS API for their DOI registration services. Service Providers that do not yet have an integration should integrate with the REST API.
  • demonstrate that they have registered findable DOIs through their registration.
  • support the submission of metadata to DataCite that is compliant with DataCite Metadata Schema 4 or a more recent version.
  • provide a secure means for their users to submit DataCite member credentials to them. Plain text over email is not considered secure.
  • do their best to adhere to the DataCite Best Practices for Service Providers document.
  • display the DataCite Service Provider badge on their website.
  • provide front-line support to their users, escalating to DataCite support if necessary.

DataCite Registered Service Providers will provide the following information to DataCite staff…

  • A designated contact for the purposes of troubleshooting and being informed about updates to DataCite services. This can be a group email address, e.g.
  • Basic metadata about their service for listing on the DataCite website.

DataCite Service Providers are encouraged to…

  • advise their customers to add repository software information to the customer’s DataCite account.
  • implement Make Data Count for gathering and submitting dataset usage metrics compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data.
  • include the DataCite Data Metrics Badge in their implementations.
  • advise their customers to submit their repositories to re3data, the Registry of Research Data Repositories. See guidelines for suggesting a repository at

Documentation for registered Service Providers

Benefits for registered Service Providers

  • Registered Service Providers will have their name and basic information about their service listed on the DataCite website.
  • Registered Service Providers will be part of the controlled list of Service Providers that users can select in Fabrica when updating their repository metadata.
  • Registered Service Providers will be provided with a special registered Service Provider badge to display on their website.
  • Registered Service Providers will have their own mailing list through which they will receive regular updates from DataCite
  • Registered Service Providers will have regular interactions with DataCite staff to receive support and provide input

Check-ins with Service Providers

DataCite will set up quarterly calls for registered Service Providers to:

  • Provide updates on the DataCite roadmap so Service Providers can adjust their roadmaps where necessary
  • Get input from Service Providers based on customer feedback
  • Answer support questions that have come up during the preceding time period

These calls are not compulsory but are a chance for Service Providers to engage directly with the DataCite team.

Service Providers will be asked to re-register with DataCite once a year. At the beginning of each year they will be asked to complete the registration form so DataCite can carry out a lightweight check to ensure Service Providers still meet the registration requirements.

Application process

Service Providers can apply using the application form. DataCite staff will review the form and contact you within two weeks of applying to set up a verification call. If necessary, the DataCite board will be consulted.

If the application is approved, you will be listed on the DataCite website and receive the Service Providers badge. Re-registration is done in January through a self-assessment. You will only be contacted by DataCite if there are questions about your re-registration.

If you have questions about the Service Providers program or the registration process, please contact