Global Access Program

Global Access Program

The Global Access Program (GAP) is an initiative to improve access and enable communities in lesser represented regions to further benefit from our open infrastructure services. The program has been made possible in part by grant Grant 2022-316573 from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

DataCite is a global membership community that shares a common interest: to ensure that research outputs and resources are openly available and connected so that their reuse can advance knowledge across and between disciplines, now and in the future. We are mission-driven and value led. We are guided by our core values: reliability, transparency, trust and inclusivity. Our vision of connecting research and identifying knowledge can only be realized by removing barriers to access and participation on a global scale. As part of our multi year strategic plan, we began to focus our efforts on global adoption, supporting a growing community through focussed engagement, adoption and implementation strategies.

The Global Access Program builds out DataCite's international community with regional support and engagement in Africa, Asia, Latin-America, and the Middle East. Through focused regional engagement in these regions, DataCite is better able to support equitable access to our infrastructure services, ensuring that researchers and research organizations globally have the opportunity to benefit from identifiers and metadata. The program takes steps to provide additional education opportunities, support organizations to develop the necessary infrastructure tools, and establish mechanisms to support organizations with the costs associated with the use of DOI registration services.

Community awareness

We will continue our work with local communities and local organizations, and will seek new collaboration opportunities to improve the awareness about open infrastructure (persistent identifiers and metadata) in different regions and languages.


DataCite will play a more proactive role in supporting local communities to develop and adopt the necessary infrastructure to integrate PIDs in their workflows, according to their needs and opportunities.


To lower the barrier to access PID infrastructure, the program will establish a Global Access Fund to enable potential members to set up the infrastructure needed and adopt DOI registration services. The Global Access Fund will be launched in 2023.

For questions about the GAP, reach out to Gabriela Mejias (, Program Manager.