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- CERN: Start of run2 physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
- CDL/Dryad Digital Repository: Harrison F, Roberts AEL, Gabrilska R, Rumbaugh KP, Lee C, Diggle SP (2015) Data from: A 1,000-year-old antimicrobial remedy with antistaphylococcal activity. Dryad Digital Repository. and Smolla M, Alem S, Chittka L, Shultz S (2016) Data from: Copy-when-uncertain: bumblebees rely on social information when rewards are highly variable. Dryad Digital Repository.
- ETH/e-pics: Knöllchen von Trifolium sp., Querschnitt and Passo del S. Gottardo, Val Tremola
- CDL/Figshare: Antonio Baeza, J.; Simpson, Lunden; J. Ambrosio, Louis; Guéron, Rodrigo; Mora, Nathalia (2016): Sampling sites and symbiotic model organisms. figshare.
- CDL/Moorea: Moorea Coral Reef LTER Photos
- CDL/RUcore: Union County map 1923